Passer Baroe

Pasar Baru (originally called Passer Baroe when Jakarta was still referred as Batavia) is a nice change from the usual shopping malls located all over Jakarta’s sub districts.Built in 1821, Pasar Baru was the oldest shopping center in Jakarta.Walking along Pasar Baru will makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time with the European and Chinese architectural design on some shop lots, while some others are styled to fit more modern times.

Back in the day, people who shopped at Pasar Baru were Dutch people that lived at Jalan Veteran, because it’s a close distance, and it was intended for the elite and rich people that lived nearby, whereas today the clientele is much more diverse. There are still shops that exists from day one until now, like the pharmacy, Kimia Farma, Melati furniture store, and a few other shops.An interesting fact, a shop at Pasar Baru is the very first in Jakarta to have fixed prices for their merchandise, while at that time bargaining was the way to shop in markets in Jakarta.

Pasar Baru is famous for its good quality shoe shops (most of them owned by ethnic Chinese) since the Batavia days. Sapie Le is one of the known shoe craftsmen back then, which services included fixing soldier’s shoes and women’s high heels. Now, the shopping center is also famous for its textile shops, mostly owned by ethnic Indians. Other shops include housewares and accessory shops.

Pasar Baru is also a great place for camera enthusiasts. At the end of the street there are a lot of shops selling cameras along with their accessories. From old school analog cameras to high-end, state of the art cameras are all sold there.

This was taken using a Leica M7 with Kodak TMax 400